HeadSpace@EggSpace: Interesting Spaces by Hilary Dron

HeadSpace@EggSpace: Interesting Spaces by Hilary Dron
HeadSpace@EggSpace: Interesting Spaces by Hilary Dron

Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
Dates: 21/09/2017 - 30/10/2017
Times: All Day

Interesting Spaces by Hilary Dron

I was born in Liverpool and completed my degree at Central School of Art and Design, London. I worked as a designer for Liberty, played bass in bands and worked in the British Museum Education Department before beginning a 30 year career teaching Art in schools and in Further Education in London, then Liverpool. After a recent sabbatical in Japan and the Far East, I decided to leave teaching in order to concentrate on my own work, something I have always wanted to do. The last 12 months have represented a huge step for me and have included private commissions, a commission for Aintree Hospital and exhibitions in Unit 51, the EggSpace and the Domino Gallery. I have recently had work displayed in the Lancashire Open Exhibition at the Chapel Gallery and in the Liverpool 2017 Art Fair. In August this year, I won ‘The People’s Choice’ award at Stiwdio Maolor, Corris, Wales for one of my tree paintings.

My work is about colour, light, texture and atmosphere. I don’t use photographs or sketches, instead I use reimagined experiences and memories of landscapes I have visited, from woods in Liverpool and Wales, mountains in Taiwan to sakura blossom in Kyoto, Japan.

I work in a fairly new medium – oil and cold wax, often layering up to thirty or more layers in each painting and then working down into each layer to discover what is beneath, using solvents, scraping and blotting, an approach that reflects the natural processes that inspire me. My aim is to achieve a structural integrity through these multi layered surfaces. I paint to get into that quiet place in my mind, where there is no sense of time and I hope my paintings reflect this essence of a deep, quiet experience.