FACT: Witnessed In Translation: A Watch Party

FACT: Witnessed In Translation: A Watch Party

FACT: Witnessed In Translation: A Watch Party

Venue: FACT
Date(s): 13.12.22
Time(s): 19:00

Witnessed In Translation: A Watch Party

Live Streamed Performance

  • Tuesday 22nd November 7pm @ Fact, Liverpool
  • Thursday 1st December 7pm @ Kitty’s Launderette, Liverpool
  • Saturday 10th December 4.30pm @ Independent Dance, London as part of International Festival of Learning
  • Tuesday 13th December 7pm @ Fact, Liverpool
  • All performances are available to join in person or online. 

Which parts of our identities want to be seen? How does our self-perception change with who is seeing us? How are we moved by seeing what might otherwise remain hidden, silent, or

invisible? Join us for a ‘watch party’ of a streamed performance created live by five artists in five countries and live-mixed by George Maund.

Witnessed in Translation is a project led by Mary Pearson with collaborators Carolina van Eps, Michael Kaddu, pavleheidler and Elvan Tekkin. Together they have been developing techniques

which evolved during lockdown to transmit physical, sensory and relational experiences through screens. Their focus is on improvisation mixed with stories reflecting multiple experiences of

cultural displacement and translating words into gestures, body states, energies and images.

Playing with care and curiosity, laughing and crying, lost in translation and fumbling towards liberation.

A facilitated post-performance discussion among the audience at the gathering will offer an opportunity to share experiences of witnessing and consider livestream as an emergent artform.

Witnessed in Translation is rooted in Liverpool with support from FACT, Together, Kitty’s Launderette, and Independent Dance. It is supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Booking: https://www.fact.co.uk/event/witnessed-in-translation