FACT: Hold, Invisible Flock

FACT: Hold, Invisible Flock
FACT: Hold, Invisible Flock

Venue: FACT
Dates: 13/02/2017 - 19/02/2017
Times: All Day

From 13 until 19 February, FACT presents the pop-up exhibition Hold by leading interactive arts organisation Invisible Flock. Hold explores the relationship between touch, and how its effects and our understanding of it can be enhanced by technology. In a world of online social networks and connected technologies, Invisible Flock are interested in how intimacy and human interaction is shifting. The UK is described as the ‘loneliness capital of Europe’, where social isolation is a major health issue facing us today. According to Age UK research, over a million older people go more than a month without any direct contact with a friend or family member.

Invisible Flock has been working with participants in Liverpool who are living with dementia, and their families in this research, aiming to open up a dialogue around our understanding of touch and how it is used and thought about in a care context.

Part of FACT’s extensive Learning Programme, FACT’s Digital Ambassadors scheme engages with a group of 20 men and women over-60, through weekly workshops with artists and technologists to develop their digital skills, encourage experimentation with new forms of maker technology, and to participate in conversations around the contexts within which this technology sits. Examples of experiments with sensory technologies produced by FACT’s Over-60s Digital Ambassadors programme will be exhibited alongside the pop-up exhibition of Hold, including three custom-made pieces that offer new ways in which technology can be used to capture, measure and help us understand touch. From re-imagining the mobile phone as a sensory experience, a custom glove that measures how couples hold hands through, to an augmented photo album, this exhibit is an invitation to interact with the objects and participate in the research and explore the findings before the data informs a new public artwork in 2017/18.

There will be a presentation by Invisible Flock 4-5pm on 14 February in the Box at FACT, where they will present their development process, detailing the stages of the project and their approach to human centred design applied to art making

Hold is funded by the Wellcome Trust, in collaboration with Professor Nadia Berthouze (UCL)

Supported by FACT, Community Integrated Care and SURF group.