FACT: Geek Bazaar

FACT: Geek Bazaar

FACT: Geek Bazaar

Venue: FACT
Date(s): 30.4.23
Time(s): All Day

Join us for an inclusive Geek Bazaar hosted by Empire Sector. This event is open to everyone and anyone who wants to experience a geeky event created by people who wear the geek badge with pride.

The Geek Bazaar creates an open and welcoming space for fans of any horror, comic, manga or cosplay. If you are a fan of any geeky media this is the event for you.

Browse and shop from independent sellers who have a wide variety of products from Funko Pops to comic books plus meet and chat with local artists and writers.

Empire Sector is an independent geek business based in Liverpool which specialises in manga, comics and gaming.