dot-art: Watercolour for Beginners

dot-art: Watercolour for Beginners
dot-art: Watercolour for Beginners

Venue: dot-art Gallery
Dates: 01/10/2018
Times: 18:45 - 21:00

Watercolour is the most popular medium for people who take up art. This course is designed for both absolute beginners and those more advanced who are seeking to improve.

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Many watercolourists quickly become frustrated and give up with the medium, due to its unforgiving nature. This course will help you overcome that basic problem. Artist Roy Munday will introduce you to the materials needed. In week one you will be shown how to lay on a basic graduated wash, wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry – two of the essential techniques, together with a variegated wash using more than one colour.

Master these and you will have made huge progress and will start enjoying watercolour. Roy will introduce a subject to the class and demonstrate the exercise before you practice yourself. These exercises will follow the principle of ‘lets keep it simple‘ so that your effort can be about mastering the technique of using watercolour.

Initially you will be using one colour, so you can concentrate on application of paint without the complication of colour and how to work tonally. Working from a simple subject you will be shown how to use watercolour effectively so that you can achieve fluid, refreshing and spontaneous paintings, for which watercolour is most suited. You will be encouraged to simplify the subject rather than working to exact detail and fiddling – which often ends in overworked or static paintings.

The emphasis of the course will be to give you confidence so that you can take chances with the medium and experiment to create exciting work. You will be encouraged to work at home, if time allows, to speed-up your progress.

You might have a favourite watercolour artist in mind when you start the class and might wish to emulate them. Roy will encourage you in this approach and offer advice and guidance.

Gradually you will be introduced to using more than one colour to add even more excitement to your paintings. By the end of the course it’s intended that you will have learned the basics of watercolour painting and equips you to work on your own initiative.

Tutor: Roy Munday

Roy is trained in traditional techniques in both fine art drawing and watercolour, which he uses to create his own portfolio of striking artwork. He has led classes and demontrations in both disciplines for several years, having been awarded the Norman Moores painting and drawing fellowship.


Autumn Session: Mondays from 1st October 2018, 6:45pm – 9pm

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th October

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th November

3rd December


dot-art Annex, 22 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool. L2 4TZ


£160 for the 10 week course (full course must be booked in advance)

It is possible to split this cost into two payments of £80, please call 0345 017 6660 for more details.


You will need to bring the following materials to ensure you get the most from the course:

Watercolour brush pen set, range of synthetic brushes, watercolour gummed art pad, set of pencils, eraser and sharpener, sponge erasers, masking fluid, kitchen towel, jam jars for water.

We have a suggested prefilled basket of all the materials you will need for the course with 5% off! Click here to view the basket and feel free to add or take away items.


  • There are a maximum of 15 places available on the course, so early booking is essential.
  • To avoid a booking fee and pay by card, cheque or cash, please contact dot-art Services directly on 0345 017 6660.

More info & booking available here