dot-art: The Art of Line

dot-art: The Art of Line

dot-art: The Art of Line

Venue: dot-art Gallery
Date(s): 9.2.24 - 30.3.24
Time(s): 10:00 - 18:00

The Art of Line

Featuring Charlotte Weatherstone, Mike Goodwin & Stu Harrison

‘The Art of Line’ showcases three dot-art Artist Members working in the illustrative, graphic and design arena of art. Their impressive line work and unique styles come together in ink drawings, prints and graphic patterns. A running theme in the practice of Weatherstone, Goodwin and Harrison is their character creation to tell a story. In the work of Stu Harrison these futurist creatures break dance across the canvas amplifying the movement his line work creates and populating the world of ‘Beastly’, Stu’s artist persona.

Goodwin puts his characters in humorous scenarios and dialogues and accentuates their features with bold beehive hair, Pinocchio noses and chins that jut out of the page!

Weatherstone’s feminine characters are wrapped in long wavy hair, leaping around the page, cut straight from luxurious magazines spreads. Charlotte crafts collaged and printed spaces for them to roam.

Exhibition continues Friday 9th February – Saturday 30th March

VISIT: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00