dot-art: Micro / Macro

dot-art: Micro / Macro
dot-art: Micro / Macro

Venue: dot-art Gallery
Dates: 27/05/2017 - 08/07/2017
Times: All Day

Micro / Macro Exhibition at dot-art Gallery

Launching on 27th May, the new exhibition at dot-art showcases the work of two artists who focus on depictions of microscopic details and global overviews, respectively. Amy Ritchie and Sarah Nicholson both take elements of nature and change their scale so dramatically that completely abstract, but stunningly beautiful images, are created.

Amy Ritchie uses Microphotography to explore plant forms and the structures within them. Through careful sourcing and preparation of samples, the concurrent imagery shows us dense organic structures and the unique complexity that make up the flora we still hold very much in sentimental reverence.

Complimenting and conflicting with this work is a reconnection with her painting practice; focusing on dense fluid forms, reminiscent of natural processes and constructs. The work communicates the fundamental fascination with natural aesthetics and aims to give audiences an accessible insight into microphotography and artistic abstraction inspired by nature and science.

In this new body of work, created specifically for the Micro / Macro exhibition, Sarah Nicholson brings together several themes that have interested her for more than two decades: the Industrial Landscape, the Environment and the Drawn Line.

Using Google Earth to locate and take snap shots of Solar Farms around the world Nicholson creates an abstract image using various pens and inks on heavy paper for long, obsessive mark making practice, following the forms of the solar farms in the landscape and the concentration of the solar panels to create patterns of densely woven lines in delicate forms reflecting the fragility of the new technology in a world which frequently does not support “Green Technology”.

The exhibition continues until 8th July.

The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX.

Opening times: MondaySaturday, 10am-6pm