Creative Social: In the Absence of Formal Ground

Creative Social: In the Absence of Formal Ground

Creative Social: In the Absence of Formal Ground

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Date(s): 2.3.24
Time(s): 18:00



Join us for a relaxed creative social to celebrate connection and collaboration. As part of the current Digital Window Gallery show ‘In The Absence of Formal Ground’, this event will feature work from the project alongside a short film screening.

All are welcome to attend, chat and connect with others in the space. Feel free to bring family and friends.

Limited copies of the newspaper zine and audio cards will be available on the night. These cards can be taken home and planted, where the embedded seeds will grow into wildflowers – an invitational practice to all who engage with the stories.
About the project:

In the absence of formal ground, what do we build instead?

This project is a love letter to all the ways in which we keep moving, building and making space for each other.

Formed through a series of connections made through the East and South East Asian Network in Liverpool, the work spotlights three performance artists (Nadia Anim, Vera Chok and Pei Tong) exploring how we define our own ways of moving and the importance of building from the ground up.

Using the streets of Liverpool as a platform for each individual, the photographs are a demonstration of taking up space – a presentation of continued movement in a city with a history of migration and community led action. It’s easy to feel isolated in the spaces around us. While we live in a landscape structured to favour individualism over collective care, solidarity and community are needed more than ever.

Performance in itself is a conscious movement, a galvanised action calling for a witness.

While these conversations are presented through a lens of performance, ultimately this work is about making space for each other, carving new ways of moving and co-existence.

It’s an invitation to take up space and share it.

A declaration to all the ways in which we still show up.

Image: Saffron Lily