Chester Art Centre: Wild Heart, Andre Bielecki

    Location (with MAP): Chester Arts Centre
    Date/Time: 14 January 2017. All Day
    Event: Exhibition - Chester Art Centre: Wild Heart, Andre Bielecki
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    Wild Heart, Andre Bielecki

    The first photographic exhibition by Andre Bielecki. His personal footprints give us an insight into the emotional and often solitary journey of a modern day pilgrim.

    An incredibly rich and meaningful photo exhibition will be spread throughout the whole gallery on the opening day on the 14th of January and Andre will be here to tell you everything about his work and share his experiences.

    A lot of creative and fun surprises are to be expected, even we don’t know what’s planned! So… hold your breath and join us for a breathtaking exhibition opening this Saturday! 12 PM till 8 PM, kids are welcome!

    (…and shhhhh…. it is going to be Andre’s Birthday party as well…! :))