Chester Art Centre: Andrew Lloyd, Neo-Aboriginal Style Painted Mandalas

    Location (with MAP): Chester Arts Centre
    Date/Time: 7 April 2017. - 28 April 2017. All Day
    Event: Exhibition - Chester Art Centre: Andrew Lloyd, Neo-Aboriginal Style Painted Mandalas
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    Andrew Lloyd
    Neo-Aboriginal Style Painted Mandalas

    Recovery Through Art
    07 April – 28 April

    Join us on April 7th at 6 PM – 8 PM

    ‘I spent the last 50 years in Australia and have been painting for about 30 years. On my return to the UK, I found myself in a very isolated and dark place due to having no family or friends over here. I had to leave my family and children back in Australia. To cope with the pain and to escape the reality of losing my family I turned to drugs. However, I have recently decided to – and have – turned my life around following a near death experience. I have used my art to assist me in this recovery process. My art work also expresses my depth of hurt and anguish and also the hope and spiritual well-being I have experienced as part of my recovery. I have also decided to draw on my experiences to show and help others to turn their life around through the medium of art. I am no longer dependent on drugs and have already had some of my artwork displayed in a local rehabilitation centre where I also provide a mentoring role.

    I hope that through demonstrating how drug paraphernalia, which nearly destroyed my life, can be used to create amazing artwork, my show can inspire and help other people to become drug free’.