Bluecoat Display Centre: The Backhouse Bequest: Contemporary Ceramics by North West Graduates

Bluecoat Display Centre: The Backhouse Bequest:  Contemporary Ceramics by North West Graduates
Bluecoat Display Centre: The Backhouse Bequest: Contemporary Ceramics by North West Graduates

Venue: Bluecoat Display Centre
Dates: 02/09/2017 - 07/10/2017
Times: All Day

Bluecoat Display Centre Presents
The Backhouse Bequest:  Contemporary Ceramics by North West Graduates

Exhibition runs 2nd September – 7th October 2017
Private View: Friday 1st September, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

This prize exhibition shows 6 recent graduates from the North West, who work in the medium of ceramics. Their ceramics have been selected for its originality and strength of voice. Universities attended include Hope University, Wrexham Glyndwr,UCLAN University of Central Lancashire, and Manchester Metropolitan University.

This exhibition is supported by David Backhouse, a Trustee of the Bluecoat Display Centre, who works in the fields of architecture and ceramics and his brother Roy who have both sponsored the show with a winning prize award of £1,000 in the memory of their parents Arthur & Lilian.

Featuring work by-
Julie Fewster (North Wales School of Art & Design, Wrexham Glyndwr University) BA Hons Design: Applied Arts 1st Class  – 2016
“I founded Inner Finn after falling in Love with Finland on a five-month residency whilst studying for a Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts and am concentrating on establishing myself as an emerging maker”

Gaenor Hall UCLAN ( University Of Central Lancashire) MA Distinction Ceramics 2016
Gaenor’s work is an exploration of how she has developed her use of Ceramic form to express feelings both deep-rooted and transient. Slowly working through, stripping back and experimenting with form, function and surface she has found ways of expressing very real, yet ethereal elements through abstract forms. Drawing and painting are fundamental in accessing ideas, often being a pre-requisite to how she may approach and develop her work in clay.

Mike McGowan (UCLAN University of Central Lancashire ) MA Ceramics 2016
My fundamental interest is in the clay itself.
Landscapes  – especially their formation and alteration by nature’s agents of change: heat, frost, wind, tides and time – constitute my primary sources of inspiration.
I want to allow the clay to speak for itself. To this end I have developed a series of unique techniques and processes.

Rudi Morris (Manchester Metropolitan University) BA Hons 3 Dimensional Design 1stClass 2016
I have an ‘alchemical’ approach to making; questioning the materials that I work with. My work focuses on using saggers (A protective vessel used for firing ) as a crucible.  This experimental, material led approach influences and informs the aesthetic of the objects.  The vessel form acts as a crucible for material experimentation. Pieces made are fired one inside the other, each vessel, or
sagger, acting like a small kiln during the firing process.

Attila Olah (Hope University, Liverpool) BA Hons Ceramics 1st Class 2016
Attila’s work explores the power of the vessel: over thousands of years, through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche. Attila explores the vessel as the archetypal symbol of the body through which the Self and that which is beyond the Self can be realised. Attila specialises in ceramics and ice sculpture.

Rob Parr  (UCLAN University Central Lancashire) MA Distinction, Ceramics 2016
“My ceramics practice is primarily concerned with the exploitation of the qualities that ceramic materials present, and how those qualities can be used to create a narrative of form and presence. Much of my work has been centred on the animal kingdom and how the use of the ‘plinth’ can be used to create a sense of monument”.