Birkenhead International Film Festival

Birkenhead International Film Festival

Birkenhead International Film Festival

Venue: Bloom
Date(s): 21.10.23
Time(s): All Day

We will be hosting the Fourth Birkenhead International Film Festival on the 21st October 2023. Hot on heels of our SOLD OUT 2022 festival. We are delighted to bring you our 4th festival, this year.

The BIFF brings together a collective of filmmakers to explore the art of film from a varied range of backgrounds, filmographies and genres.

Birkenhead International Film Festival is all about bringing the world to Birkenhead and so for our 4th Edition of the BIFF we are exploring the theme of ‘World-building’.

What do we define as world building?

World-Building is often described as the process of constructing a world, and often imaginary ones. World-building we feel is a staple tennent of the film industry, as writers and makers create experiences in film that transport us as viewers into new worlds and universes of their making. We want to celebrate this as part of the festival this year. We want you to let us into your world, we will champion and celebrate the world you have created through film.

For film submissions we want the term world-building to encompass all genres and is of course free to your interpretation of the phrase but to give you an example we have explored some of the following themes, narratives and topics within our definition that we are hoping to discover in the submissions process.

We would look for films that may explore:
– Visions of the past, present or future.
– Films that explore new worlds, visionary landscapes, dystopian and utopian portrayals of life.
– Films could be person centred
– Films could explore class, discrimination, exclusion, global majority, lgbtq+, gender, disability, and underrepresented groups.
– Can explore history, shared memory, folklore and collective past.
– Films can explore realist, surreal and abstract films.

We are looking for existing works that explore the theme to showcase at our annual festival which will be shown in a heritage location in Birkenhead. We encourage submissions from all genres, and have a run time of up to a maximum of 30 minutes in length.

We are looking forward to seeing your submissions and we are confident that this will be our best year yet.

What is Convenience Gallery?

Convenience is a not for profit, creative arts platform based in Birkenhead, UK. Our programmes aim to make arts & creativity a part of everyday life. Our work is shaped by and for the community here in Birkenhead alongside the national artistic and creative community.

We use our platform to promote and advocate for creative people nationally, and to inspire people. We run free and affordable events, exhibitions, installations, workshops, labs, creative courses, and artistic support. We believe anywhere can be a space for culture and run our programming across multiple venues and spaces in the area.

Our role in supporting the BIFF is to work with independent festival producers and curators Ben Loveland and David Harrison to help continue to bring independent and international film and filmmakers to new audiences in Birkenhead. Whilst also providing a platform to filmmakers across the globe to showcase work.

For the fourth year of BIFF we are also looking to implement a space for one of the film blocks to be focussed on Northern UK based filmmakers. There is a significantly lower percentage of opportunities for northern filmmakers in the UK and we want to ensure the festival provides an opportunity for makers living and working in the north of the UK. Whilst still championing and celebrating films from across the world.

We are also as a team excited as ever to showcase filmmakers from across the globe. With previous selection at festivals coming from 32 different countries and The BIFF Audience choice award having gone to filmmakers from Mexico, France, Cyprus, and United Kingdom. 92 filmmakers have showcased their work with us so far and previous filmmakers have gone on to showcase work as prestigious festivals globally too.

Each year we have also had a partnership with Scenegraph Studios, who have brought new technology and digital media to the festival. They have created AI bot generated films from audience prompts and showcased VR films during the festival.

We also have established partnerships with Northern Fortress Films ahead of this years festival.

2023 will be our most ambitious festival yet and we can wait to build the programme with you. We dream of a world full of filmmakers and thank you for taking the time to apply for this year’s festival.

This is our fourth event so please bear in mind that this opportunity is unpaid, we hope to raise the funds to work towards paid commissioning and screening in the future.

Awards will presented for the:
– Audience Choice
– Screeners Choice

Welcome to Birkenhead international film festival, a film festival exploring and celebrating emerging filmmakers across both physical festivals and online programming.

BIFF 2023: World Building

This is an open call to any filmmaker who is interested in taking part in the third iteration of the Birkenhead International Film Festival. We are a festival solely focused on short films that focus on different genres. This year our theme will be Science Fiction.

This genre covers a wide blanket that focuses on many different styles of film; dystopian, cyberpunk, utopia, artificial intelligence, alien invasion just to name a few. Film length can be anything up to 20 minutes. For additional questions on the film length please see our list of FAQ’s on our website or send an email to the email address listed below.

The time period for this open call will be from June 7th to August 7th. Submissions will cost £3. Once submitted, your film will be reviewed by our BIFF Screeners and if selected will progress on to a final selection in which it is decided whether your film will be shown at the BIFF.

All selected films will be shown at the Fourth Birkenhead International Film Festival. To submit a film please go to our page on FilmFreeway, details are also on our website, The Third BIFF will take place on the 15th of October. The end date for submissions will be August 31st at midnight. We are excited to see what submissions we receive! Until then good luck and if you have any questions feel free to email us at

Also just before we go… fancy taking part in the festival but don’t want to submit a film? Why not become a Birkenhead International Film Festival Screener! You will be part of our front line in watching films and telling us which ones you think deserve to be shown on the big screen at the third Birkenhead International Film Festival. We are also accepting volunteers if you are interested in taking part in the actual film festival itself. Please send an email to the same email address listed above.