ArtsHub47: Alison Little: The Fabric of Fine Art

ArtsHub47: Alison Little: The Fabric of Fine Art

ArtsHub47: Alison Little: The Fabric of Fine Art

Venue: ARTS Hub 47
Date(s): 2.10.17 - 8.10.17
Time(s): All Day

Alison Little
the Fabric of Fine Art
at Arts Hub

This exhibition brings the latest fine art textiles to Liverpool’ leading grass routes exhibition venues: Arts Hub on Lark Lane.

We have the very latest works from Liverpool based textiles artist, Alison Little. Larger wall based freehand machine embroidery pieces looking at everything from themes around Liverpool icon buildings to an interpretation of the latest contemporary poetry. A range of techniques is explored around quilting, appliqué, the re-purposing of decoratively patterned fabrics and the used of dis-solvable medium to create contemporary lacing edges.  Smaller framed hand embroideries exploring pioneering techniques in the use of photographic imagery to create fibre works. The latest ranges of framed hand crochet Wedding Day ranges. An organic approach to crochet where the mathematics of pattering meets the artistry of shaping.

Not forgetting a selection of Nations most loved dogs featured on luxury cards. New samples of the pet portrait service where photographs of your furry friends become needle point creations. Fibres used to form furr, colours were chosen to depict the canine form.

1000 stitches hooked, 100 needles threaded, 10 hours on the sewing machine and 1 very passionate artist. A show not to be missed.

2-8th October