Art in Windows: To Cultivate Compassion

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    Art in Windows: To Cultivate Compassion

    Venue: Art in Windows
    Dates: 01/05/19 - 31/05/19
    Times: All Day

    Art In Windows presents:
    To Cultivate Compassion – prints by Dawn Parry-Cunliffe.

    Dates: 1 – 29 May, 2019
    Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN
    Times: 24/7

    To Cultivate Compassion is an installation of new works by Liverpool artist Dawn Parry-Cunliffe that explores the complex psychological and physical web connecting us humans with the animals we eat not only as objects of consumption but also as important elements within our religious and cultural beliefs and rituals. Parry-Cunliffe’s images fuse the animals we farm for food with human elements, blurring the boundaries our modern cultural habits of convenience have erected between us and the creatures we depend upon for our culinary pleasure.

    To Cultivate Compassion uses our natural tendency to anthropomorphise the non-human in order to give farmed animals the natural respect they deserve. Parry-Cunliffe’s creations continue a long and varied tradition of literal and metaphorical human-animal hybrids aimed at finding a larger, more interconnected and cohesive understanding of the world we live in: mythological tales, religious imagery and contemporary cultural phenomenons are littered with them – think Minotaurs, Easter lambs and Peppa Pigs.

    Parry Cunliffe, a practicing Vegan, wants to re-balance our emotional and physical links with the animals we depend upon by focusing our attention on our shared capacity to feel a wide range of the same emotions, including happiness, pain and loss. Parry-Cunliffe highlights the parody we perform by adoring the thought of the animals we breed to eat while simultaneously causing them an inhuman amount of grief.