Art in Windows (Regent Road): Measured – Adrian Jeans

Art in Windows (Regent Road): Measured - Adrian Jeans
Art in Windows (Regent Road): Measured – Adrian Jeans

Dates: 15/04/2019 - 30/06/2019
Times: All Day

Sculptures by Adrian Jeans
Dates: on-going from 15 April, 2019
Location: 57-61 Regent Road, Liverpool, L5 9SY
(on corner with Blackstone Street – don’t rely on satnav)
Times: 24/7

Liverpool artist Adrian Jeans exhibits his signature heads which, with their rough surfaces and stunning mimesis, reflect his on-going practice of, and deep thinking about, the portrait sculpting tradition.

Much is said about portraits capturing the sitter’s character and though some may appear to achieve this, Jeans’ own experience teaches otherwise. Sculpting a head from life takes many hours and the sitter is forced to relax their face, resulting in unnaturally glum expressions. Clay, plaster and bronze are also poor substitutes for living flesh.

Unlike character-likeness, physical-likeness is possible. Jeans uses calipers to maximise the physical accuracy of his portraits and their convincingly individualistic facial features hint at the real, living person behind each sculpture.

Mechanical devices, however, make measuring every point on a head impossible but Jeans’ digitalised, faux-cubist style, created with coarsely serrated scrapers, accommodates this and, along with his spontaneous-looking modelling, makes the clay surface, and therefore the portrait itself, come alive.

Jeans’ dedication to portraiture allows him to explore the medium’s limitations and possibilities and suggest a more expanded understanding of how subject, artist, process and material intertwine within a work. In this way he is breathing life back into this unloved tradition.