Art in Windows: RE-FRAME 2: Treasuring what is Left Behind (2019)

Art in Windows: RE-FRAME 2: Treasuring what is Left Behind (2019)

Art in Windows: RE-FRAME 2: Treasuring what is Left Behind (2019)

Venue: Art in Windows
Date(s): 4.3.19 - 31.3.19
Time(s): All Day

Angelo Madonna (lives and works in Liverpool)

Angelo Madonna has a background in nautical science and mechanical engineering, followed by an education in fine art, sculpture and new media. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – Art, Design and Technology (2010-2013); and a BA (2004-2007) in Sculpture (Camberwell College of Art, London).

Currently undergoing a Postgraduate study in Fine Art at LJMU

RE-FRAME 2: Treasuring what is Left Behind (2019)

For the exhibition “Art in windows” Angelo Madonna presents a series of new work from his on-going project, “Re-Frame”.

Angelo is an artist who lives and works in Liverpool. He is the founder of “Emotional Minimalism”, an on-going research project bringing together sculpture, design, sound, community projects and DIY electronic music.

An aspect of his work follows the trajectory of the ready-made initiated by the influential, avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp where the ready-made is a manufactured object that an artist chooses for its aesthetic qualities. The artist then presents it as a piece of art so that the object loses its functionality and acquires the status and value of an art piece.

The intension is to explore the relationship between new and old materials and new technologies, with an attempt to create hybrids between sculpture, and ready-made furniture.

The idea that the ready-made encourages the transformation of daily-life objects into pieces of art to change their value and status is the method used by the artist to redefine artistic processes, which he view as poetic acts.

Artwork 1 (double window)

Title: ““Pataphysique” (2019)

Materials: Wooden wardrobe, timber, red string, aluminium pendulum

Artwork 2 (single window)

Title:Accidental Base-Relief” (2014-2015)
Materials: Mahogany Wood and MDF boards