92 Degrees Coffee: The Inner Space, Nicole Bartos

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    92 Degrees Coffee: The Inner Space, Nicole Bartos

    Venue: 92 Degrees Coffee
    Dates: 14/08/17 - 24/10/17
    Times: All Day

    until 24th October 2017

    “The INNER Space”

    @ 92 Degrees Coffee, 23 Hardman Street, (opposite Philarmonic Hall and Philarmonic Pub), Liverpool

    In this exhibition, the artist, Nicole Bartos, aimed to incorporate a selection of works that helped to create a contemplative montage which would allow a virtual transformation of the space as well as a change of one’s perception and vibrations. Large and small canvases in various media, expressing energy flow, contemplation and a state of quiet music sound in an ethereal space and vibrating a colourful and free pulse.

    Artwork selections from cycles such as: Rhythms, Capturing Threads of Light, and more recent oil paintings.

    Contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com or, contact exhibition venue and leave a message.Thanks.

    Exhibition Venue Address:
    92 Degrees Coffee –
    24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX
    Phone: 0151 709 1145

    Hours/ Open:
    Friday  7:45am–8pm
    Saturday        10am–8pm
    Sunday  10am–6:30pm
    Monday  7:45am–7pm
    Tuesday 7:45am–7pm
    Wednesday       7:45am–7pm
    Thursday        7:45am–8pm