Vote Online for Nokia Shorts

I think I was supposed to mention this before the Raindance Film Festival started, its finished now but it was in some city down south anyway.
More my thing is the Nokia Shorts website where you can now vote for your favourite of the 5 finalists in the handset category.

These are films lasting only 15 seconds (that’s not easy) taken with a nokia mobile phone.

The Handset finalists are:

1. The Tour of the House – Andy Kinnear and Céin McGillicuddy
2. Sylvester’s Funeral – Scott Thomas Buckle
3. A Good Reason To Wear Sunscreen – Claudiu Voicu
4. A Wish – Loftus Hall
5. A Londoner’s Day – Olivier Soullard

Tour of the House made me laugh but I voted for A Wish