The SevenStreets Podcast #1

The SevenStreets Podcast #1 | Sevenstreets.

I stopped doing podcasts last year. They can take up a lot of time and effort and I don’t really enjoy interviewing people. So it’s good to see the the excellent SevenStreets people have started podcasting with a very interesting guide through some of the Walker’s permanent collection.

Do have a listen.


  1. Being an exile from the ‘pool for many years (albeit living “down south”) I try to keep up to date with developments in the City of Culture :-))
    Very fond memories of trailing around the Walker as a kid and adolescent. I’ve just listened to SevenStreets Podcasts #1 and really enjoyed it. The backgrounds to the creation of the paintings and exhibits were expertly outlined and I gained an insight into the running of the Walker itself.
    Looking forward to future editions.

  2. Thanks Ian (and Bob)
    I used to enjoy yours! But, yeah, I can see why you’ve taken a sabbatical. My respect for audio producers has sky rocketed. And I never knew I was unable to ask a question without a volley of ‘erms’! The next one, I must say, is *very* lowbrow…


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