Friday, September 22, 2023
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The Liverpool Wah Sing Blog

new%2Bwah%2Bsing%2B025.jpgThere’s a new blog set up by Moira Kenny, Callum Moncrieff and Richard Szeto after a recent workshop day at the Wah Sing on Duke Street, Liverpool.
It features people and projects involving the Liverpool Chinese community.

The Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre is a registered charity organisation serving the Chinese Community living in the Merseyside area by providing social, cultural and educational activities. The centre was formed on 5th September 1965 and it has been based at 149 Duke Street, in the Chinatown Area of Liverpool, since its foundation.

Artists, Moira and Callum, have been involved in various visual arts projects in this area over the past few years.