Monday, May 27, 2024
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‘Skol Lage 6 for £5’


Now, this is art. Sadly its not in Liverpool. London is still way ahead when it comes to arty trends. Can’t wait to see a lot more of these in our local shops.
I spotted this amusing article by Ryan Smith on the (impossible to navigate) Ukula ‘Lifestyle’ website.

Finally Something New

London is so full of old design it is inescapable. My journey home from the bus stop takes me past a quaint Victorian shop displaying replica turn-of-the-century French advertising posters for sale. Opening my front door forces me to look at ancient stained glass and wrought iron detailing, and once inside I throw my keys on a table kept level with Mozart’s Diary under one leg. It was either that or a stack of Magna Cartas, and I’ve got to wipe my ass with something…

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