Say that Again

After reading this quote from Ruxanda Bulaci the curator of a Mark Lewis exhibition in Bucharest, I wanted to know what ‘atomized singularities in Brownian trajectories’ meant. So just for a bit of fun I passed it through Google translate from English to German and then back again.
I’m no wiser..

Mark Lewis’ work is about time and space. It is about the inexorable flow of time; about alienated atmospheres, impersonal architectures and wasted landscapes conveying psychologically latent feelings: of life and death, of micro and macro, of order and chaos, of entropy and anti-entropy, of the interplay between the simple and the inordinately complex. It is about atomized singularities in Brownian trajectories… about contemporary solitude

After translating to German and back…

Mark work Lewis ‘ are over time and space. It is over the inexorable river of the time; over alienated atmospheres, and the landscapes, which convey psychologically latent feelings, wasted impersonal architecture: of the life and of the death of micro and of macro, the order and the chaos, of entropy and of anti-entropy, the reciprocal effect between the simple and that unsettled complex. It is over atomisierte peculiarities in the Brownian flight path… over contemporary Solitude