Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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New Stewart Bale Online Exhibition – NML

philharmonichall.jpgThere is a nice new page on the National Museums Liverpool website. It makes good use of Flickr and it features a new picture of the Philharmonic Hall taken by a certain Liverpool Art Blogger 🙂
The old picture shown here was taken in 1939, notice the lack of traffic lights and other street furniture and the overhead telephone cables.

Stewart Bale 2.0 – documenting Liverpool
Online exhibition

National Museums Liverpool holds an extensive collection of photographs by Stewart Bale Ltd. The pictures show the everyday places where people worked, shopped and enjoyed themselves.

In this online photographic exhibition, we have invited amateur and professional photographers who use the web service Flickr to recreate Stewart Bale photographs from our collection. Each of the photographers was given a seven day deadline to photograph their subject.
Stewart Bale Ltd

Stewart Bale Ltd was an advertising and printing business in Liverpool that specialised in commercial and architectural photography. The client list included famous Liverpool names such as Cunard, Meccano and Coopers.