National Museums Liverpool – Metro V Retro – Flickr project

Please upload your pictures, at the moment its all pics of trainers which (apart from these maybe) ar pretty boring in my opinion.

National Museums Liverpool – Metro V Retro –  Flickr project

To celebrate the Fashion V Sport exhibition at the Walker Art gallery we want you to show the world the gems in your sports casual wardrobe. Help us to create an online exhibition of the coolest casuals and most stylish sports gear by uploading your pictures to the Metro V Retro Flickr Group!

What’s your style?

Do you keep it classic in your vintage and retro gear? Are you cool and contemporary in the latest releases and limited editions? Or do you like to customise and modify for a truly innovative look?

Think about the threads that go to your head – the garments that define your look, your era, your allegiances. Whether it’s trainers, polo shirts, windbreakers, team strips, clubbing apparel, plaid golfing socks or even the old black plimsolls from your school kit – we would love to find out.


What makes your beloved item so special – is it the superior quality, the exclusive design, the elite performance or just pure nostalgia? Old skool, indie chic, cutting edge or king of the bling – the only criteria is there needs to be a sporting connection.

If you’re lacking inspiration visit the Fashion V Sport exhibition  at the Walker Art Gallery . You’ll find a few famous brands to get you started, like Converse All Star baseball boots, the Nike Windrunner jacket and Adidas Superstar trainers. But maybe you’re more Dunlop Green Flash and Fred Perry polo – it’s all about you!