Mercy – New Website And a Blog

Our good friends at Mercy have relaunched their website (again) at

And set Nick Holloway loose on the net with a related blog. Excellent. Nick is a really good writer who deserves to have his own creative outlet.

I recommend you subscribe right now.

Here’s the introductory blurb in case you have no idea who / what I’m talking about

Lord knows why – an experiment to see how low an internet addict can go before hitting bottom, perhaps – but the good folk at Mercy have seen fit to unleash me on the blogosphere.

I’m putting it down to the face. Trustworthy, no?


If you’re not too familiar with Mercy, a quick recap is probably in order. Starting life as a zine in 2002, we’re better known nowadays for the gigs, exhibitions and live literature events we run in Liverpool. Founders Joe Bramall and Doug Kerr have also made names for themselves with design work for The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys and more.

Assuming I get through whatever in the way of short days, long nights and bitter weather winter has left to throw at us, I’ll be letting you in on what Mercy – and the talented people we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few years – are up to. Oh, and I’ll be linking to all the bite-size chunks of internety goodness that distract and inspire us on a regular basis, so keep stopping by, y’hear…?