– What makes you happy? | What makes you happy?. is now up and running with several interesting posts already including this nice piece about last night Liverpool Art Prize opening.

The blog is run by Alexander MacGregor, you may recall at the beginning of the year the site contained just one word ‘Legacy’. Here’s what they say..

Liverpool09 has been set up to explore how people feel about the legacy of 2008 and the task ahead.

This is an evolving project that looks forward, not to a particular target date but indefinitely. It will hopefully prove to be a focus for ongoing debate about progress.

So add it to your favourites, its a good read and you can join in the debate.


  1. what makes me happy ? the thought that Liverpool (born or based) artists and the scene in general will continue to expand and look outwards to international links and inspirations, whilst attracting increasing overseas interest in the art produced here. that do ?


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