Liverpool Art Blog Features in the Guardian

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Blogger’s guide to the Pool

Benji Lanyado sifts the blogosphere for the cream of Europe’s capital of culture – music, art, exhibitions and, er, fry-ups

If FACT is the hub of all things arty in scouseville, who better than one of its regular punters to helm the city’s foremost arts blog? Ian Jackson, editor of the Liverpool Arts and Culture blog spends most mornings slurping the brown stuff and reading the papers in FACT, after which, one assumes, he gets posting. The blog was selected as “best British Art blog” a few years back in The Times, and does a good job cataloguing anything vaguely arty in Liverpool. The amount of content and slightly shoddy categorisation means that there is a fair bit of wheat-chaff overlap, but the “art preview” tag is a safe bet for forthcoming exhibitions – Tom Phillips’ Anonymous Celebrities and other works” looks like a goodie, and is running until February 18.

Mentions a few other good local blogs too.

Yes, I will sort out those awful categories soon, I promise. And update my biog too – mornings in FACT reading the papers? That was years ago.