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Listen to ‘Artwaves’ Online

Angela Heslop’s radio program all about Merseyside arts is broadcast on Radio Merseyside every Thursday at 21.05 and repeated on Saturday at 6.00 am.
Apart from the fact that I never listen to the radio, I’m usually out on Thursday evenings and in the land of nod at 6 on Saturdays (didn’t even realise there was a 6am at weekends!).
So glad to see that I can now listen to it online anytime after the event. I think they only have the most recent one available and don’t know what day it gets updated.
Its a good program, covers all the arts and is an hour long. Give it a try, here is the Link or follow the links from Angela’s own page. You need to have RealPlayer installed.
Update: after posting this, I emailed the Radio Merseyside people and had a speedy response this time. Paul Coslett Senior Broadcast Journalist for the BBC Liverpool website says
‘The Artwaves programme is updated automatically straight after broadcast so the web version is updated within about ten minutes of the Thursday evening broadcast ending i.e. about 10.10pm. The system we’re using is much more stable than the previous one so hopefully the programmes won’t be subject to the disruption that was experienced in the past’

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