Launch of new Website – ‘RawLiver’

This looks like an exciting idea from Liverpool photographer Peter Carr.

RawLiver, an exploration of Liverpool’s urban landscape.

RawLiver is a bridge between communities. It is a central location to discuss public art projects, and challenge the perception of what Liverpool’s urban landscape is.

There are so many Liverpool based groups and forums on Flickr, MySpace and various other sites. What RawLiver aims to do is provide a central location for all these communities to publicise their ideas.

If you’re looking to do a Flashmob in the city centre, tell RawLiver and get noticed by more people. Would you like to see a city wide game of capture the flag, or perhaps a large scale bubbling battle event? Sign up, discuss it, launch it. In 8 months Liverpool becomes the Capital of Culture. Lets put it on the streets for everyone to see.

Launching on May 1st is a photographic scavenger hunt, the details of which will be announced on Monday 23rd April.