Hello Art – New Arts Council Project

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Not a lot there yet but has potential, I’ve signed up of course.

“Our aim over the next few years is to unlock the joy of the arts for as many people as possible, creating a significant shift in the role that the arts play in their lives. We believe that great art should be for everyone, not just the select few, and aim to provide our audience with all the tools they need to make the arts a more rewarding part of their everyday life.

At the heart of this drive is the creation of a campaign and brand under which arts organisations can sell themselves and the opportunities that they offer. A new kind of website -an online and interactive ‘arts hub’, offering all the information our target audience need to go on a journey into the arts- will be central in helping us deliver this, along with a multi-media PR drive, major broadcast partnership, and a coordinated programme of high profile, high quality arts activities and events. In conjunction with a wide-reaching series of commercial partnerships, this will help us to build a trusted arts brand that our audience will know, understand and respond to.”