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Figures of 08 – Online Exhibition

Here’s a fun idea from the people at National Museums Liverpool. Sometimes it can take quite a well to spot the 08 in the pictures, sometimes even impossible (for me anyway). I must try and capture a few myself.

Figures of 08
Online exhibition

Figures of 08 is an online exhibition from the web team at National Museums Liverpool. In 2008 Liverpool will be European Capital of Culture. The official logo of the year can be seen all over Liverpool, we set out to see how many alternative ’08’ s we could find.

We have set up a group on Flickr showing all the photos that we have collected so far – Figures of 08 group. If you are a member of Flickr you can send your own entries to the group.

For those of you who are not Flickr members, we have created a Figures of 08 upload form that will allow you to send us your images, which we will then upload to our Flickr account for you.

Finally, you can view the 08 images using our Figures of 08 Googlemap – a draggable, zoomable map that shows the locations the photos were taken. Click on the markers to see the photos.