Escape from the mummy’s tomb! – Egypt game

Liverpool museums – Escape from the mummy’s tomb! | Egypt game | World Museum Liverpool.

I can never be bothered with games so haven’t gone beyond the first page but here’s something to pass the time, especially for the kids apparently.

An exciting new game on the National Museums Liverpool web site gives players the opportunity to see if they are expert Ancient Egypt explorers.

At first Escape from the Mummy’s Tomb! may seem easy but there’s a catch … players have to watch out for a scary mummy on the loose.

Contestants help to unlock the mysteries of Ancient Egypt after discovering the tomb in Beni Hasan. Inside are nine incredible objects that are thousands of years old.

Escape from the Mummy’s Tomb! is inspired by the fascinating new Ancient Egypt gallery at World Museum Liverpool featuring 1,500 exhibits from the museum’s world-class collections.


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