Monday, December 4, 2023
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Disabled Artists Website – Views Sought

From Paul Meeks..

Last year I launched my own portfolio website Until now I have been concentrating on this as a promotional tool for my own work but this is now all set to change as I’m now ready to bring stage 2 of Insight Images on-line development into action.

As a severely visually impaired artist myself I wish to invite any and all other disabled artists to register whether or not they would be interested in having their work included on this site. I would also like for anyone else to take a look and let me know what you think and also feel free to give advise on any changes you think should be made.

There are no limitations as to the discipline, medium, disability’s or age ranges accepted and each member will have their own dedicated space with a portfolio of up to 30 images, a biography section and all information about images, prices and contact details. You can have your work or details updated and maintained as and when required and networking, collaboration and linking will be very much encouraged. I will also hold regular on-line exhibitions with the possibility of extending this to physical exhibitions in the future should I be able to secure some funding and gallery space. Each artist as well as any exhibitions will be well promoted on local, national and international levels.

I am at present trying to find out what the level of interest might be so there are no set numbers as to what it might cost as yet but I anticipate it costing around about £20-£25 per year.

Paul Meeks
Insight Images