Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Design Initiative – New Website

dibrand.gifVia Merseyside ACME.
Design Initiative Have New Website: Great Resource for Merseyside’s Artists
The Design Initiative (Formerly Liverpool Manchester Design Initiative) promotes good design, visual arts and contemporary craft from the North West region.
The Design Initiative offers artists:

Information and advice: They provide practical advice and specialist information to commissioners, purchasers and producers of design, craft and visual arts.

Creative professionals: The Design Initiative offers one-to-one advice sessions for creative professionals giving advice on portfolio development, presentation or where to look for business support.

Commissioners and clients: The Design Initiative offers an impartial matchmaking service to help purchasers, commissioners and exhibitors of design, visual art and craft identify the right practitioner for their project. We also offer free professional advice on all aspects of the commissioning process from writing briefs to selection processes.

Design initiatives: The Design Initiative organise an ongoing programme of events and initiatives