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Craig Atkinson Launches Cafe Royal

caferoyal.jpgBe careful! You could spend lots of money here.

Café Royal.

Café Royal was founded by Craig Atkinson, mainly to help him feed his collection of zines, limited run and d.i.y goods. His aim is also to create a magazine / periodical / book that documents, celebrates, and disseminates the work of selected artists from around the world, who work in a variety of ways that could be considered ‘drawing’.

Based in the UK near the sea, Café Royal exists online and on paper, and possibly on the high street in the future.

As well as the magazine and the shop, Café Royal will be organising and supporting exhibitions and other events, mainly in the UK. The first of which, ‘Letters’, will be taking place between April ’07 and January ’08 in Southport, UK.

Café Royal love to receive submissions for the magazine, shop and exhibitions. Submission guidelines are available at

The magazine comes form a love of artist’s books; zines; hand made limited run publications and prints. It comes too from a compulsion, that is beyond obsessive, to draw and document things. The magazine is also part of an ongoing project that will hopefully end up becoming part of a PHD research project sometime soon[ish].

“We are not alone in our compulsive need to draw, make marks and document things. Everyday we find artists that we want to work with, and work we need to look at again and again. Sadly there isn’t enough time in the day to look at all the work we would like to. We hope that as time goes on Café Royal will grow stronger and become a recognised platform for showing new drawing.”

Café Royal will occasionally contain essays, reviews and other writing but we want to keep the emphasis on the drawing. Any writing we do use will be that which we feel compliments the drawing without taking any attention away from it.

Issue zero, with the broad theme of ‘people’, will be launched around Spring 2007 and will include roughly 140 drawings by some very nice people from all over the world. To reserve a copy please email

Artists in Café Royal 0 – the future collectors’ edition, include [in no order]:
Karin Hagen. Warren Craghead. Craig Atkinson. Ward Kuypers. Kristin Freeman. David Shrigley. Adam Stoves. Luke Best. Justin Williams. Sonomano. Emanuelle Pidoux. Yun. Raymond Teitsma. Yu Matsuoka. Thinkmule. Clint Colburn. Matt Lock.


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