Billy’s Unofficial Biennial Googlemap


Our clever friend Billy (newfolder) has produced this great google map covering most of the Biennial 2006 venues.
He says “It’s pretty buggy and makes no attempt to be comprehensive” but we think its interesting and useful.
We like some of his comments too.
Click on the little tabs to bring up details of the exhibitions, some even have pictures and links to reviews.
In google maps you can click and drag the mouse to move the map around, zoom in and out, switch to satellite pictures or hybrid.
He’s away on holiday now but would like feedback, you could leave a comment on his blog


  1. .. could you forward this to Billy for me please…:

    Atelier Vogelfrei
    2 Sefton Drive
    L8 3SD

    And opening times now are relatively fixed: mo/we/fri 10am-1pm; tue/thur 4pm-7pm. Contact number to confirm things: 07761139340

    I did give the address to the Independent Admin, but it must have got lost in some process… I would be really happy if you could fill in my detail gap on your map. (And opening times now are relatively fixed: mo/we/fri 10am-1pm; tue/thur 4pm-7pm. Contact number: 07761139340)

    I will reward you in kind.
    Thanks. Birgit. xx

  2. What a tremendous thing!

    I had a go because I’m generally in favour of whizzy pointy clicky things on the internet but it’s also a really effective way to visualise it and link up all that information.

    I suppose Billy’s entitled to have some hols but I hope he’ll carry on with it when he gets back.

  3. By the way:
    Thank heavens for your work, Billy and Ian (especially much). The events would not be half as clear to find and enjoy without you!!!

  4. Cool. Now you are talking! It’s like being there! Thanks Billy… bang up to date.
    Alan at the Glaxo (not Alex…who cares – Alex is a nice change).


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