Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Artkrush – Art Blogs Feature


The latest issue of Artkrush, which is available online now, is devoted to art and design blogs. Artkrush #57 features a survey of the best local and international art blogs, plus a comprehensive list of notable art, design, photography, and new media sites. It spotlights the heady Design Observer, offering in-depth commentary on design, and interviews Alec Soth about his witty postings on photography and global culture. After highlighting the countercultural ‘we make money not art’, they also touch on the best current shows around the world, including Andreas Gursky’s photos of North Korea and David Noonan’s debut in Paris.

Check out the issue at and view the complete list of art and design blogs via the link at the end of the feature article which, of course, includes