A Blog all About Colour


Interesting stuff on livelygrey.com, artists and certainly some web designers may find it useful.
Includes some interactive colour exercises

One thing he keeps stressing quite rightly is that It’s not about the colors, it’s about how the colors relate to one another.

Its run by Igor Asselbergs of Amsterdam who says..

‘This weblog is an attempt to transmit some of 20+ years of professional color experience. I worked as an illustrator, a color designer in architecture, and currently as CEO of Colorjinn, which develops digital color tools. In the course of years I lectured and wrote articles about color. On these pages I edit and translate my own articles piece by piece. Additionally I write about anything that relates to color and somehow catches my attention. I hope this weblog will prove to be useful for color designers or anyone else interested in color. When reading, please bear in mind my native language is Dutch, not English.’