Walked down to the Independents

Walked down to the Independents area last night for the late night events but they’re postponed until tonight. I know not why. Now I see that I could have gone to the private viewing at Hemingways coffee house, Faith Bebbington is running some sculpting workshops there details. It mentions a website launch as well but I tried it and it aint there yet!
Sadly, I’ve hardly made it to any of The Art Organisation events based in St Brides Church and they finish today. I think there’s something going on at the Old Rodney Boys Club in Myrtle St later today so I’ll try and call in.
There’s the ROW Riposte event at Arena at 14.00 today. “Visitors are invited to participate..and to contribute to a real-time comments book” I’m not a participatory kinda guy but I’d be interested to hear about it from anyone who is.