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Volunteers needed for art event: ‘Who We Are Now’ Procession

Volunteers needed for art event

‘Who We Are Now’ Procession

DATE:                 November 1ST2018 11.30am-2.30pm

MEET POINT:       63 Blundell Street (above Supper Club) 

DESTINATION:     The Oratory, near Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

DURATION:         3 hours max

Gina Czarnecki & The Koffin Company Ltd. 2018

Overview: ‘Who We Are Now’

‘Who We Are Now’ is inspired by ideological challenges around life and death, art, culture, and the funeral industry. This is a new large-scale participatory artwork that will be exhibited at The Liverpool Oratory as part of DaDaFest International 2018. The exhibition will consist of 21 full size KOFFINS that have been designed by individuals from a national call out. They are diverse observations and provocations questioning ownership, authorship, taboos, values, traditions and cultural practices. 


‘Who We Are Now’ is a conduit for contributing to the wider recognition of the significance of art in conceptualising our future, challenging norms, creating alternative experiences of value, facilitating new understanding, knowledge and choice. 


What we need: 


This project requires volunteer Koffin bearers, and we’re looking for 96 people in total to carry the Koffins in a walking procession for filming through Liverpool city centre. 


Ultimately, we’re looking to make this a festival-like celebration — meaning you can dress how you like, or even dress up if you want to. The only thing we ask is that you avoid ‘halloweeny’ costumes like Zombies and Skeletons. Think ‘funeral with a creative twist’. 


Koffins aren’t heavy, so don’t worry. They’re only 13 kilos, so this event is more about procession, performance, making noise and handing out leaflets. We’d love the public to be able to engage with us, or even join in as we walk between the Koffin studio and the Oratory via Our City. 



The details:


There will be a volunteer induction for 30 minutes on the 1st November at 11AM. 


The procession itself will start at 12.00PM and finish at the Oratory at 2.00PMwhere you’ll find some food and drink waiting for you as a big thank you for your support!


All volunteers will have their name featured on our website. 


This project is supported by: 

Arts Council England

Fablab LJMU

Sensor City

RKDE Designs

DaDaFest 2018 

              For more information, see:


And don’t forget to chat to us on social: @koffincompany



Main contact for volunteers: 

Ruth Dillon —— 07868982066