Volunteer Treasurer for The Atkinson Development Trust

Volunteer Treasurer for The Atkinson Development Trust

DEADLINE: 21 August 2018

Type: Treasurer (Voluntary Trustee position for The Atkinson Development Trust)

Closes: 21 August 2018, 5 pm

Location: Meetings are held monthly either at The Atkinson or Southport Town Hall, 5.30-7 pm

Contact: atkinsontrustees@sefton.gov.uk

About us
The Atkinson Development Trust is a charity run by a small, committed group of skilled volunteers who have a shared love of Sefton and The Atkinson. Established in 2015, we’re still growing and developing.

Our aim, in short, is to raise money.  What interests us is what we can do with the funds we raise. We all believe in the transformative power of art and we believe that communities thrive best when they have civic pride and a sense of place.  So, the Trust was established to work in partnership with The Atkinson to use its collections to make a positive impact on local people’s lives.

Recruitment of a Treasurer for The Atkinson Development Trust

Role Description

Full details about The Atkinson can be found on its website at:  www.theatkinson.co.uk