cuc-black-logo-100FRIDAY 11 March 16-20.00 Private View – Art From A Bag. Presents, in association with Art Corridor, 3rd floor & 5th floor Gallery at CUC Liverpool
Exhibition runs till 31st March
An Exhibition of some of the best artwork,photography and installations across the Northwest.
Also this will be the last chance to experience the 3rd floor Gallery Space.

Dont forget to visit 1st floor Burmese Monk installation

Artists Showing
Joan Walmsley
Tony Glover
Joan Birkett
Pauline Heyes
Owen Hedd Mc Evoy
Kari Lawlor
Paul Archer
Anton Dolders
Brian Beattie
Tom Donohue
Emma Limbett
Sean Limbett
Anna Di Scala
Katie Craven
Michele Hunt
Robyn Woolston
DP2 Artist’s include Max Zadow,Daniel Davis,Jessica Keeler,Alan Thompsom