World of Glass – New Found Lands

Walkway-across-marshland-in-Newfoundland-100New Found Lands
22 September – 15 November 2009

A dramatic trip to the US proved the starting point for a former St Helens student. The first photographic exhibition by Darren Holman at The World of Glass visitor centre. Darren found himself  in New York City immediately after the 9/11 attacks and the photos he took inspired him to become a qualified professional photographer.

“To many people it may have seemed wrong to photograph such atrocity, but I felt I had to preserve this moment in history,” says Darren, who lived in St Helens in his student days but is now based in his native North Wales.

Realising how the camera could tell a story also fired his passion for travel and led to him make a two-year world tour that ranged from North West England to Newfoundland, taking in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong as well as most of Europe.

Darren’s exhibition, New Found Lands, offers a chance to see many of the stunning landscapes his camera captured on the trip.

“I wanted to see the world but also capture images that reflected my memories so this is a small selection of over five thousand photos I took,”  adds Darren.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

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“The stranded Riverdance on Blackpool beach” Darren Holman