World of Glass – Eternity and Transience


Eternity and Transience, 7 October – 30 November 2008
Features a collection of paintings by contemporary artists Paul Neads and John Allcock.

Jo Hayward of The World of Glass says: “These are striking and highly atmospheric images that will give visitors the opportunity to see some of these intriguing monuments in an exciting new light.”

Paul says he and John have aimed in their own ways to answer the question of enduring relevance of these stones in an age of transience and impermanence.

He adds: “My ‘megalithic musings’ most often take the form of dramatic and evocative pictures in oils which attempt to convey my personal responses to the sites in question.

“Perhaps in these landscapes we find clues to humankind’s role within landscape, and the possibilities of urban social regeneration.”

Entrance to Eternity and Transience is free and the exhibition runs until November 30.