Wolstenholme Projects – Studio Alberta

imageStudio Alberta
Exhibition 28 June to 13 July 2008

Studio Alberta is an exhibition comprised of a group of Canadian artists; Carl White, Keith Diamond, Mark Holliday, Michael Jones, and Laurie Steen, all of whom are closely linked to England and some particularly with Liverpool, either by birth or immigration of family.

The work of these artists portrays the deep connection each one has to Canada and England and how living in between the two, or within the memory of both profoundly affects their work. Carl White’s paintings tell a story as they evoke layer upon layer of memory; each mark made with intention as the narrative unfolds. Photographer, Keith Diamond’s work speaks of his recollections as they move in between what shaped him in England and his current experiences of Calgary.

Painter, Mark Holliday’s pieces depict his movement and memories, triggering an exploration to understand his environment,substance and place. The film installation by Michael Jones encourages an imagined narrative incorporating two places, as well as endeavoring to demystify the cinematic image by exposing the world on screen as a sum of parts.
Through looking at recent work created in two different countries and two different studio environments, Laurie Steen’s drawings have become a journal describing the natural environment in which she lives. The artists are connected to the process or the execution of their work via the vastness of space and the visual cues of memory that define them.

Whether through the curious ambiguity of landscape, the depicted experience of being in two places at once or the tangible desire to connect to a time and place, this exhibition offers the viewer a glimpse into the artists’ journey between two places.

Studio Alberta opens in Liverpool at Wolstenholme Projects, June 28 – July 13, 2008, 11 Wolstenholme Square
and returns to Canada to open in Calgary at Artfirm Gallery, August 21 – September 13, 2008