Wolstenholme Projects – ‘Sixth Sense’

imagesixth sense’
‘Room For Discussion’ – 12-2pm Sat 12th April 2008
Show duration 11th – 27th April 2008

A feeling incurred through an experience that invokes a sense of oddness

Jamie Davies – 3d installation
Rebecca Johnson – 3d installation
Karen McLeod – live performance
Emily Speed – 3d installation
Helen Horridge – live performance
Clock Live Art…. Feat. Jason Walsh & Luke McKeown – live performance
Jamie Torode – sound installation

Curated by Brychan Tudor

Private View – Friday 11th April 7-9pm (Live Performances)
‘Room For Discussion’ – 12-2pm Sat 12th April
Show duration 11th – 27th April
Thurs – Sun 12-6pm
@ 11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool (opposite Nation)

sixth sense
– a pricking of the senses.
– a shiver, a feeling beyond words caused by an unexplainable experience.
– a sense that defines our perception of events.
– uncanny/unheimlich, representation of the human form causing an unerring sense of strangeness.
– an ‘eddy’ in time where things slow down, building to a crescendo, whereby, the realisation of unexplainable occurrences becomes inexplicably clear (e.g deja vu).


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