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Wolstenholme Projects – Roy Castle’s Vision of Hell


Roy Castles Vision of Hell – A Night of Art, Music and Record Breaking
Runs 9th-17th August 2008 Thursday – Sunday 12-6

Roy Castles Visions of Hell presents artists who will be responding to their interpretations of breaking records.
Organized by studio and gallery group Red Wire, the exhibition will have a strong performance element, including music from indie-popsters Puzzle and Hardcore-Gothic Disco House from Real Talk.

Included in events are Red Wire Sound system Vs Mercy D.J Squad in complete destruction of sound, a fully working Sh*t Cu*t designed by the duo Roxy Topia & Oliver Braid, Baby Bell belly busting performance by Joshua Tennant, a video installation by Joe McNulty, spoonfaced lies from French artist Laurence Payot, Harry Lawsons arctic adventures, Amy Goring’s dabbling with escapology and work suggesting Joseph Beuys is a social maniac by Paddy Gould.

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