Wolstenholme Projects – Not For Your Eyes

Exhibition ImageNot For Your Eyes. 23 – 27 October 2008
Exhibition: The beguiling mystery of collage is explored by contemporary artists using paper, paint and cardboard.

Artists: Katriona Beales, Louise Bristow, Tracey Eastham


imageNot For Your Eyes is a collection of artists using the technique of collage as a primary influence in their work.

For the artists on show collage acts as a process that imbues their work with a beguiling mystery. Where are these images from, what did they mean, and more importantly, why are they being used now?

Collage is essentially a process of appropriation, from one context to another bits of images have been used to communicate meanings different from the intended original.


Ultimately, the works play with illusions of depth and meaning in an exhibition that acts as an exciting combination of artists at the forefront of collage activity.