Wolstenholme Projects – Dumb Objects

imageDumb Objects
11 – 28 June 2009
Dumb Objects brings together the work of artists who are in the business of transforming and imposing their own readings onto objects; making them say new things.

The exhibition Dumb Objects unpicks the relationship between use and identity. In liberating broken and commonplace things from their usual contexts, the artists permit them to speak in new voices, to take on new forms; to fledge, to emerge, like butterflies or birds. A reminder that all things are mutable, all things are possible; that even the most solid or broken of things may shift its shape; may live again: an act of ordinary magic.

Artists include:
Rebecca Davy
Leo Fitzmaurice
Kevin Hunt
Hilary Jack
Moira Kenny
Tamarin Norwood
Susan Massey
Ian Rawlinson
Rose Smith
Jack Welsh

Venue details

Ian Rawlinson ‘Objects from the Drawing Room’