Wolstenholme – October Screening

imageWolstenholme Screenings – October. The Halfmoon Files
02.10.2008 19.00 £1
Monthly screening event, the biennial sees guest curators select the films. For October artist Paul Rooney selects.


The Halfmoon Files Philip Scheffner (an artist/musician/documentary maker from Berlin) 87 mins

“There once was a man. This man came into the European war. Germany captured this man. He wishes to return to India. If God has mercy, he will make peace soon. This man will go away from here.” Mall Singh’s crackling words are heard as he spoke into the phonographic funnel on 11th December 1916 in the city of Wünsdorf, near Berlin. 90 years later, Mall Singh is a number on an old Shellac record in an archive – one amongst hundreds of voices of colonial soldiers of the First World War.

In his experimental documentary, Philip Scheffner follows the traces of these voices to the origins of their recording. Like a memory game – which remains incomplete right until the end – he uncovers pictures and sounds that revive the ghosts of the past.

La Chambre Verte François Truffaut 94 mins In late 1920s France, Julien Davenne, a veteran of the First World War, devotes his life to the memory of the dead. He writes impassioned obituaries for an obscure newspaper and has converted his house’s Green Room into a mausoleum to his wife, who died ten years earlier shortly after their marriage. When the room is destroyed in a fire, Davenne’s obsession drives him to renovate an abandoned chapel in the cemetery where his wife is buried. With a sympathetic friend, Cecilia, he intends to build a memorial to his wife and all his dead friends.


7.30pm start doors open at 7pm £1 entrance fee includes a free beer
Wolstenholme Screenings is an ongoing monthly event for more information please see our website www.wolstenholmeprojects.org